Provisional Results! 

If you do not have a lap time for a certain lap it is because you failed to swipe properly. We will be checking the webcam backups soon!

SCMCC Hare and Hounds, Bagshot, 23rd November 2014

The final round of the SEEC H and H Championship.

ACU on line entry (preferred) now open.

NB 2014 Natterjack entrants can claim reduced entry fee.

Regs    Entry form   Entry at 15/10


Normandy MCC G P Engineering Enduro 5th October

Provisions results v2   Full results

Carshalton Timecard 26th October - confirmed - cancelled.


SEEC Timecard Championship Round 5

Sidcup  MCC - Canada Heights


Freestyle Husqvarna Championship

1st Ben Wibberley - Sidcup

2nd Jack Turner - Kingston

3rd Clive Gammage - Croydon

SMD Offroad Expert

1st   Steve White - Sidcup

2nd  Rhian George - Dyfed D B

3rd   Brad Armstrong - Witley

Teamsnapper Veteran A

1st Darren Osborne - Croydon

2nd Darren Lee - LFBMCC

3rd Tom Moore - Witley

Veteran A Over 50

1st Euan Harrison - Croydon

2nd Paul Armstrong - Witley

3rd Steven Bird - Witley

Tri County Clubman A

1st Steve Lander - Kingston

2nd Jason King - Croydon

3rd Felix Warren - Kingston

Tollring Veteran B

1st Mick Stradwick - Croydon

2nd Steve Hasleden - Sidcup

3rd Timothy Newman - Witley

Veteran B Over 50

1st Philip Davies - Normandy

2nd Stephen Scott - Alton

3rd Chris Welch - Witley

Woods Butchers Clubman B

1st Max Barnett - Sidcup

2nd Lee Boulden - Normandy

3rd Nathan Baggott - Witley


1st Colin Fox - Croydon

2nd David Winey - Sudbury

Endurotyres Sportsman

1st Matthew Sale - Sidcup

2nd Lawrence Gordon - Portsmouth

3rd Alex Watkins - Sidcup

As always thanks to Teamsnapper for great photos including those used here.

Finalised results on results page.

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