Witley Hare and Hounds- Slab Common- 5th July 

Round 4 of the Knight Security Hare and hounds Championship. 

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ACU Inter Centre Team Enduro - 12th July - West Harting Down

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Carshalton MCC  - Embley Wood - 19th July - Entry open

Round 5 Knight Security Hare and Hounds Championship 

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 Provisional Results Sidcup Hare and Hounds 31/5/15  here! 

Well done Sidcup for a great day . 

 Croydon Ray Kennard Enduro - 17th May - Freestyle Timecard Round 4

Provisional Results ver c 20/05/15

More photographs by Teamsnapper


Top marks to Croydon for their Ray Kennard Memorial Enduro, the fourth round of the  SEEC Freestyle Timecard series.

West Harting Down is a superb location for this classic timecard enduro but  its never easy. The ground was hard and , with rain early in the week, slippery in places. The time schedules were tight and the with no real rest on the going proved a real challenge for all classes. 

Many thanks to all the Croydon team for a great event and for working with the time keeper to get the results out very promptly. 


Enduro Tyres    Championship Class

1, Jon Hunt                 Witley MCC

2, Ben Wibberley        Sidcup DMCC

3, Steve White           Sidcup DMCC

SMD Off Road   Expert Class

1, Elliott Beken          Witley MCC

2, Steve Lander      Kingston DMCC

3, Matt Ward.         Kingston DMCC

  Jizlube   Veteran A Class 

1.   Neil Challice  Kingston and DMCC

2, Dave Coles  Kingston and DMCC

3,  John Horton   Witley MCC

Veteran A over 50

1, Paul Armstrong  Witley MCC

2,   Tim Newman  Witley MCC

3,  Stephen Taylor  Witley MCC 

Tri-County Motorcycles  Clubman A class

1, Adam Brady Kingston and DMCC

2,  Stuart Bridges,   Witley MCC

3,  Tim Metcalf Witley MCC

               Tollring  Veteran B Class

1,  Jeffrey Cannons  Kingston and DMCC

2, Phil Davies Normandy MCC

3, Matthew Hubbard  Docklands Riders. 

Veteran B over 50

1, John Muizelaar  Kingston and DMCC

2, Adrian Wilkins  Witley MCC

3, Neil Marshall Witley MCC

              Woods Butchers   Clubman B Class  

1, James Bowman     Kingston and  DMCC

2, Darren Vaughan      Kingston and DMCC

3, Craig Chawner      Witley MCC

EVO Class         

1, Steven Bird,    Witley MCC

2, Manny Bernandez,          Witley MCC 

3, Alan Woods,     Sidcup DMCC

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