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Croydon MCC Round 6 SEEC H and H Championship

17th August Rowlands Castle. This is a joint event with Portsmouth and on line entry will be via their website at

Kingston and District Round 7 SEEC H and H Championship

Online Entry          Regs          Entry form

Natterjack regulations now out. (No on-line entry) 

Entry form

SEEC Hare and Hounds Championship Round 4

2014 Witley and DMCC 90th Anniversary H and H

Slab Common may not have been the venue that Witley had hoped to use to stage their 90th Anniversary H and H but the course plotted and the event itself was universally applauded and provided a tremendous days sport. Well done Witley.

Freestyle Husqvarna Championship

1st Jon Hunt - Witley

2nd Jack Turner - Kingston

3rd Kyle Jacobs - Camel Vale

SMD Offroad Expert

1st  Stuart King - Sidcup

2nd Christian Fairclough - Witley

3rd  Dave Coles - Kingston

Teamsnapper Veteran A

1st Tom Moore - Witley

2nd Mick Stradwick - Croydon

3rd Steven Bryan - Sidcup

Veteran A Over 50

1st Euan Harrison - Croydon

2nd Graham Reid - Portsmouth

3rd Joe Beard - Croydon 

Tri County Clubman A

1st Liam Thomas - Normandy 

2nd Josh Kirby - Witley

3rd Jack Nixey - BWMCC

Tollring Veteran B

1st Iain Judkins - LFB MCC

2nd Andrew Sharp - Croydon

3rd Matt Hubbard - Sidcup 

Veteran B Over 50

1st Carl Smye - Sidcup

2nd Hans Gilham - Sidcup

3rd Rob Giles - Sidcup

Woods Butchers Clubman B

1st Adam Brady - Kingston

2nd Lee Boulden - Normandy

3rd Martin Delves - Witley


1st Andy Greenwood - Normandy

Endurotyres Sportsman

1st Neil Marshall - PMCRC

2nd Callum Thompson - Kingston

3rd James Bowman - Kingston

As always thanks to Teamsnapper for great photos including those used here.

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