Croydon Ray Kennard Enduro - 17th May - Freestyle Timecard Round 4

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Sidcup Freestyle Canada Heights H&H - 31st May - Knight Security Hare and Hounds Round 2

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Portsmouth/ Witley 'The Butser Sprint Rodeo' - 21st June - 

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 Kingston MCC

Iron Hill Enduro

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Kingston put on a fantastic event for the third round of the SEEC Freestyle Timecard series.

Kingston put in a huge amount of effort to bring a flowing course interspersed with tight and technical bits in the forests of Iron Hill. The special tests were enjoyed by all, especially the Enduro Test which was a new location and of a good length. 

Many thanks to Bernie and John Coyne, Alan Dudley and the Kingston MCC Team for another top event!


Enduro Tyres    Championship Class

1, Rich Ely    Sidcup DMCC

2, Ben Wibberley       Sidcup DMCC

3, Jon Hunt   Witley MCC

SMD Off Road   Expert Class

1, Dan Mundell  CORE Offroad

2, William Hughes  Braintree DMCC

3, Stephen Jose   Camel Vale MCC

  Jizlube   Veteran A Class 

1. Simon Beken   Witley MCC 

2, Mick Stradwick   Croydon MCC

3,  Robert Taylor  PMCRC

Veteran A over 50

1, Paul Armstrong  Witley MCC

2,  Colin Cowley  Croydon MCC

3,   Tim Newman  Witley MCC 

Tri-County Motorcycles  Clubman A class

1, Nathan Baggott  Witley MCC

2, Daniel Cooper,  Witley MCC

3,  Matthew Isard,   Sidcup DMCC 

               Tollring  Veteran B Class

1,  Stephen Hasleden,  Sidcup DMCC

2, Richmond Mace,  Sidcup DMCC

3, Andrew Sharp, Croydon MCC

Veteran B over 50

1, Adrian Wilkins,  Witley MCC

2, Stephen Scott,  Alton MCC

3, Carl Boraman,   Normandy MCC

              Woods Butchers   Clubman B Class  

1, Aiden Bowker, Witley DMCC

2, Adam Pearson,  Witley DMCC

3, Peter Robson,  TBEC

EVO Class         

1, Colin Fox,  Croydon MCC

2, Alan Woods, Sidcup DMCC

3, Hans Gilham, Sidcup DMCC


1,  Frederic Torres,  Berkhampstead MCC 

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