The SEEC Team is pleased to announce not only a completely new venue but a completely new event!

The SEEC has teamed up with Charles Church Spitfires LTD to bring you a fantastic grass sprint interspersed with the occasional woodland. This will be incredibly fast and flowing, and your chance to really get some speed on for a completely different event. Limited to just 80 riders!

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Sidcup Freestyle Husqvarna Enduro 21st September 



SCMCC Hare and Hounds, Bagshot, 23rd November 2014

The final round of the SEEC H and H Championship.

ACU on line entry (preferred) now open.

NB 2014 Natterjack entrants can claim reduced entry fee.

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Normandy MCC G P Engineering Enduro 5th October

Entry now closed

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SEEC Hare and Hounds Championship Round 7

Kingston MCC - Iron Hill

YouTube Video by Dom Wilson - Expert 

The Kingston Iron Hill Hare and Hounds is always a fantastic event. This time however was exceptional. The Coyne Brothers and the Kingston MCC team put on a fantastic course, which left to rest most of the Timecard Lap to really give a good mix of technical going and fast fire roads.  
The excellent dry conditions left the track nice and loamy, a rare thing for Kingston, whose events are normally conducted in gale force winds and widespread flooding. 

Another top event! 

Freestyle Husqvarna Championship

1st Jon Hunt - Witley

2nd Phil Wiffen - Normandy

3rd Clive Gammage - Croydon

SMD Offroad Expert

1st  Rob Carey - Witley

2nd  Dave Coles - Kingston

3rd  Steve White - Sidcup

Teamsnapper Veteran A

1st Chris Stanger - Croydon

2nd John Horton - Witley

3rd Tom Moore - Witley

Veteran A Over 50

1st Steven Bird - SETRA

2nd Colin Cowley - Croydon

3rd Simon Gatehouse - PMCRC

Tri County Clubman A

1st Liam Thomas - Normandy

2nd Rob Knight - Witley

3rd Jamie Moller - Croydon

Tollring Veteran B

1st Timothy Newman - Witley

2nd Andrew Sharp - Croydon

3rd Matt Hubbard - Sidcup

Veteran B Over 50

1st Stephen Scott - Alton

2nd Hans Gilham - Sidcup

3rd Carl Smye - Sidcup

Woods Butchers Clubman B

1st Brad Warton - Witley

2nd Lee Boulden - Normandy

3rd Christopher Warne


1st Manny Bernardez - Witley

Endurotyres Sportsman

1st Stephen Tull - Witley

2nd Max Rose - Croydon

3rd Alfie Coles - Kingston

As always thanks to Teamsnapper for great photos including those used here.

Finalised results on results page.

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