Freestyle confirm sponsorship of both Timecard and H and H series.  The SEEC are very pleased to announce that Freestyle are extending their support of the SEEC by supporting both series this year. More active than ever the group has seen great success achieved by its sponsored riders in the last few months and offers a great service to local riders - boosted by the opening of the new store in Chichester. 

UPDATE 16/10/16 SCMCC H and H .CHANGE OF DATE AND VENUE . Now 20th November, Rogers Hill Raceway, Bere Regis, Dorset. 

I can now confirm that the Rogers Hill raceway Event on 20th November is to be the final event of the SEEC hare and hound series and is also the first round of the Dorset Winter series. This will give some of you the opportunity to ride the full Dorset winter series but please note that those of you who ride the Witley timecard event in February will find a date conflict.

Our thanks to Danny at Rogers Hill for letting us piggyback his event. Big thanks also to Shane Babey who is doing the entry and results and will be taking extra details in order that the classes we run can be properly recorded and matched. This is a Rogers Hill event and so there may be slight differences between this and SEEC events- the principal one being that there may be no restriction on mx tyres. Check the regulations. These events are well supported and you are advised to get your entry in promptly. Entry opens Thursday. A link will be advertised on this website and on the Facebook page. 

DORSET.2016 / 2017 Winter Warmer Hare & Hound Series
Round 1 - Rogershill raceway - November 20th
Round 2 - Bovington Training area - December 4th
*Round 3 - Hethfelton Forest - January 29th *
Round 4 - Rogershill Raceway - February 19th
Round 5 - Bovington Training area - March 12th
*Hethfelton Forest is rear trials tyre only all other events any tyre*
All events will be run under ACU Permits/ Licences

 Normandy Time card enduro at Yateley Heath 2/10. 

Finalised results here 17/10

 Round 7 of the SEEC Freestyle Hare and Hounds  Championship, Kingstons event now at SLAB COMMON on 4th September.  Venue change due to Forestry work at Iron Hill.

Latest Championship placings are on the  standings page here.  H and H standings  and Timecard standings updated 16/10 to include Croydon results.

The final Knight Security 2015 Hare and Hounds Championship standings are here

The final Freestyle 2015 Timecard Championship standings are here. 

Our thanks to Centre recorder Alan Dudley. 

 New look for SEEC website. The SEEC website keeps you updated about combine events, their locations, dates, and when entries are open. Rather than duplicate reports in future we will highlight items of interest as they appear on club websites and in particular Facebook pages. in addition this gives the rider the opportunity to be involved Check out our Facebook page here or follow the links to clubs via the website pages. 

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