2017 Calendar

Bagshot D1 and D2 withdrawn.

We have been advised that Bagshot Test Track and its associated land have been withdrawn from areas available for enduro events by civilian clubs. Obtaining access to MoD land is becoming increasingly difficult as land is sold or required for increased training use as units are being moved to the UK from overseas postings. The SEEC would be very happy to advise without obligation anyone who has land they feel might be suitable and available for off road motorcycle events. Please contact us via e mail. 

Timecard Championship

Round 1 - 19th February, Witley, Warren Heath Entry full.

Round 2 - 30th April, Kingston, Iron Hill Entry Full

Round 3 - 21st May , Croydon, West Harting Down

Round 4 - 3rd September, Sidcup, Canada Heights

Round 5 - 1st October, Normandy, Yateley Heath ( also a round of the Trend/micro Classic BEC)

Round 6 - 29th October - Surrey Police, Bovington (joint event with Dorset Enduro) 

Hare & Hounds Championship


Round 1- 5th March , Surrey Police, Butser lime works, Petersfield. On line entry opens 13/2/17 here

Round 2 - 19th March, Canons Hill raceway, Binsted. Entry Full.

Round 3 - 28th May , Sidcup, Canada Heights 

Round 4 - 25th June, SETRA, Penn Wood

Round 5 - 9th July, Witley, Slab Common

Round 6 - 30th July, Carshalton, Embley Wood 

Round 7 - 20th August, Croydon, Rowlands Castle.

Round 8 - 10th  September, Kingston, Iron Hill 

Round 8 -  20th Novemb

 Other Events

27th December-  Boxing Day Enduro , Witley MCC

27th December, Witley, Boxing Day Enduro