What is the SEEC?

- An affiliation of clubs who have come together to run a series of classic timecard enduros and a series of hare and hounds events that would be beyond the capability of one club.

What regulations govern SEEC events?

- All combine clubs are affiliated to the ACU and events are run under ACU regulations.

Can I enter an SEEC event?

- If you meet ACU requirements (in terms of age etc) and hold an ACU enduro licence. A day licence can be obtained from the organising club or it may be cheaper to obtain an annual licence if entering a number of events. You will need to be a member of an ACU affiliated club to obtain a licence.

How do I score points in the SEEC championship?

- Each class (with the exception of sportsman) has an annual championship. To score points in this you must be a member of an SEEC affiliated club.

Which club can I join?

- You can apply to join any of the SEEC clubs and will find links to their sites on this website. The one exception is Surrey Constabulary MCC whose members have to be members or employees of Surrey Police.

Can I come to watch SEEC events?

- We welcome spectators and there is no charge to attend events. You must obey club officials instructions in relation to parking and access.

New to Enduro? Have a look at the club pages. Several include beginners guides to enduro.